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I have heard Business Circuitus help businesses - what do you do?

We focus on providing niche business and financial advisory services, in the specific areas of performance, strategy and finance.  As each business is unique, the type of service is tailored to the specific needs of the business.   Get in touch on the Contact page to discuss more.

My business is struggling, where do I start?

We typically start by distilling this down to which factors are causing the business to struggle - e.g. poor cashflow? no financial plan of where you want to get to?   And just as important, what are the solutions. Get in touch on the Contact page to discuss more.

I want to raise funds, exit my business, or acquire a business what should I do?

From our experience, get ahead of the curve and plan where you want to be, how are you going to achieve this. and what you need to do to get there.  There are a number of areas that you should focus on to maximise your options.  Get in touch on the Contact page to discuss.

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