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How do you spend more time ON your 
business... than IN the business?

#1 Formulate a Plan

As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.  Good business leaders set out a plan as to where they want their business to be and also how they are going to achieve this.  Having a well thought-out plan will help your business move in the right direction of your objectives, rather than being tied down on tasks that add little to your business.

#3 Fix it... with Help

A good leader should be able to identify issues and help to develop solutions.  Be clear with yourself, you don’t have to be the ‘Fix it’ person for everything.  You simply need a good team to find the solutions, and to be available when they raise a flag for help from time to time.  Listen to issues the team face so problems are fixed rather than being masked.

#2 Minimise Distractions

Minimise your distractions and focus on the key tasks at hand.  When you are interrupted, one typically finds that they spend many more hours on the task than necessary or planned.  One easy fix is to have a simple to-do-list every day, so that you manage those key areas more effectively.  In addition, prioritise tasks into those that are important and urgent. 

#4 Lead & Trust

Successful business owners learn to trust their staff, they learn the various strengths of the team and also the benefits of healthy relationships to develop their business further.  From the teams strengths, learn to delegate and you will be gaining time and additional work capacity in your day.  Keep in mind that how your business is perceived is quite often how the owner of the business is perceived.

#5 Measure It!

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.  Measuring the success of your business is extremely important to both you and the future of your company.  A great leader builds a positive team, seeks ways to improve continuously, and gains external help and knowledge on the best ways to move their business forward.

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